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How to Watch our Programs 

How You Can Watch ABN & Trinity Channel

Enjoy our programing on multiple platforms as we spread the good word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you are watching our programs through the "ABNSAT" app be sure to update to the latest version as our app has changed extensively to provide you with more content. If you are having trouble with any of your devices call the number +1 (248) 416-1300

Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan:

AL Y1 52.5 E Satellite - Frequency= 12149 V, S.R= 25,500 FEC 3⁄4


Europe, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan:

YAHSAT 52 E Satellite

 Frequency= 10887 V

S.R= 27.500 FEC 3⁄4

Nilesat Satellite - Frequency= 12,687 H , S.R= 27.500 FEC 7⁄8

Our Arabic programming is available on three different satellites.

Our Live Telecast Channels

(8)بث مباشر (1).png
Roku logo.png

Roku & Roku Devices

The "ABNSAT" app is now available publicly on Roku. In addition, Trinity Channel has released it's stand alone app on Roku called "Trinity Channel".

IPTV logo.png

IPTV Boxes

ABNSAT is currently broadcasting on Arab TV Network Solutions, Sham TV, GLarab TV, Zaap TV, I Star TV, Joozoor TV, Planet TV & Maax TV. Trinity Channel is only broadcasting through Zaap TV and Maax TV.

Android logo.png

Android Devices

From tablets, TV boxes and smartphones the "ABNSAT" app will be on all android devices. Go to the app store and type "ABNSAT" to download and start watching today.

Find us here

YouTube logo #2.png

YouTube Channels 

Videos are posted weekly on these channels: 

Trinity Channel and ABNSAT channel

Amazon Fire TV logo.png

You go to your Amazon account enabled with "1-Click". After the initial setup, search for  "ABNSAT" - you will see our app ready to be downloaded.

Chromecast logo.png


Stream"ABNSAT" through Chromecast. Just download the "ABNSAT" app on any mobile device, open the app and then click the stream button in the top corner of the screen.


Smart TVs

Watch our programs through Samsung, Sony, Hitachi, Insignia, RCA, Hisense, TCL & Sharp Smart TVs on the "ABNSAT" app. 

Our Websites

We broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week on our home page. To view our other channels click on "Digital Tree" and choose a channel.


 We live stream every show we do on each respected networks page.

English Programs- Trinity Channel:

Arabic Programs- ABNSAT:

iOS Devices

The "ABNSAT" app is available on all iOS devices: iPhones, iPods, iPads and Mac computers. To download, go to the app store and type "ABNSAT" and download. If already downloaded make sure your version of the app is the latest version.

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